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Will an Intel i5 650 bottleneck a Radeon HD 7850 HD?

I've got the first generation i5 and I'm thinking about getting a MSI 7850 in a couple of days. I'm wondering if the CPU will bottleneck the graphics because it's pretty old and only dual-core. I hope to be able to play Battlefield 3 on max settings. I'm getting a monitor with 1920x1080, so I'm not sure :|

Right now I have a Radeon 6850 and on 1280x1024 I can play on Ultra on the smaller maps
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  1. No, it will not bottleneck that card.
    It's a perfect combination to be honest.
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    The effects will be negligible. I think the card can handle BF3 in full settings. I ran battlefield on a hd 4850 512mb with high settings full hd resolution and the card handled it nicely.
  3. Alright thanks guys.
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