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Need help on upgrading Graphics card

Hello, i want to upgrade my 6770 to a 7870 and would like to know what is necessary to upgrade, i'm on a budget of around $400

I currently run the following
-8gb of ddr3 1600(unfortunately limited to 1333 as i'm a derp)
-Asus 6770
-And an Cooler Master Elite 342 which came with the thermal master 420w Psu

If i have left out any details, please inform me.
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    You have a good cpu and 8GB(doesn't matter much the difference 1333vs1600 in performance).
    What you'll need is a new good psu and a card.

    Psu :

    or (recommended)

    Cards :

    If you want you can have the 7950(with the psu it stays from 400$ maximum):
  2. Now would that be fine with my current motherboard, and would it actually fit?
  3. Yes, even though you have a pcie 2.0 slot, there's no incompatibility with gfx cards with pcie 3.0 and no loss of performance

    And i think it will fit without problems.
  4. So, would you recommend the 7950 and psu, or 7870, psu and motherboard upgrade? I'm still a beginner here and just want your opinion.
  5. Do you have the i5-2500k or non k ?

    If you don't have the k version, stick with your mobo and get the gpu and cpu, if you have a k series then get a z68 board or z77.
  6. I have the non k, i take it if i had the unlocked version i could go with a new motherboard to possibly overclock?
  7. Yes it was the point of the z68/z77 to overclock the i5-2500k, then you don't need to change the mobo, just the psu and gpu.
    And one more thing that makes me not recommend a new mobo, is the arrival of the new lga 1150 and the new intel cpus(haswell) for 2013.
  8. Ah, i see man. Thanks for all your help, i'm pretty sure i'll go with the 7950.

    Have a nice day, mate! :)
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