Dd-wrt supported router - cheaper repeater/bridge?

best buy's cheapest repeater is $70

I know I can get a router for $20-$50 on craigslist

My question is:

1. Can a router that supports a form of DD-WRT act as a repeater

1b. if so, does it need 2 antennas (one for in, one for out)

I currently have a frys fr54rtr (rebranded d-link DIR600AA1) that I have been having a hard time figuring out if and how to flash with DD-WRT and was hoping to look on the supported list and find one that has easy instructions and then find it used (or search CL and then cross reference those with the supported list)
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  1. Here is some information on ussing dd-wrt for bridging networks.


    I've always used wrt54gl linksys routers for dd-wrt and had no issues with them.

    Not sure if your router is supported, the list doesn't have that exact model specified.

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