Do you guys think this is a decent overclock?

I have my Radeon 7870 overclocked to 1200 on the core, and 1400 on the memory. It is stable. Is that good or bad? I don't know much about GPU overclocking. What should I be aiming for?

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  1. Thats a decent OC so far but what EXACT model do you have? That would give us an idea on the thermal headroom you have...

    Also what voltage do you have it on now?
    What did you use to test stability?
  2. It's the reference cooler. :P

    I have it on +10%.
    I used FurMark to test stability, plus I've had it like that since 2 days ago and I've played a few hours of demanding games.
  3. OK on reference design you could reach 1250MHz quite easily... Above that will depend on your specific chip you have got...
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