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7950 AMD Build vs 7850 Intel Build

I am having a hard time deciding what to go with here. Could use some advice. I am building a new PC, and I'm going for AMD graphics either way. So I can either go AMD or Intel. So my choices are the FX 4300 and the 7950, OR the 7850 and an i5 3570k... I know AMD is kind of a dead end when it comes to processors (or so I am told), but if I went AMD, would it be able to last me for 3 years at least? Or would the 3570k be more "future proof"? Basically, can I upgrade the Graphics card a year and a half from now, and not worry about my AMD processor bottlenecking it? Or would you recommend Intel for now, and if I want to Xfire or upgrade the GPU completely, I shouldn't have those problems? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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    Have a read here:

    The 3570k beats the FX4300 hands down and more or less the same as the FX8320. But it all comes down to your budget.

    My recommendation (depending on your budget) will be:
    -3570k (+ after market cooler if you are thinking of overclocking)

    That config should last you a few years and you can always add a 2nd 7870 a year down the line.
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