Is this a good gaming PC

Hello, I am planning on building a PC

Zalman z11 plus
Asus fna55-m
Corsair vengeance blue 2x4 1600mhz
Amd fx-6200 or phenom || x4 965
Msi twin frozr hd 7870 2gb
Corsair cx500 watts
Western digital blue 500gb 7200 rpm

Is this good for gaming?
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  1. What is your budget and country?
  2. About 650 €
    Im from the Netherlands
  3. I would go for the FX-4300 if you could. I uses Piledriver architecture which is better than Bulldozer. If that puts you over budget too much, you could drop down to 7850 and overclock it to get comparable performance to the 7870.
  4. Thanks for the help :wahoo:
  5. No problem. I would have suggested a build but I am located in the US and doesn't have a good selection for Euro pricing.
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