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New build need advices

February 3, 2013 12:14:02 PM

hello evrybody, yesterday i created a thead but it got deleted in the cpu section.
but never mind, i decided to go for amd platform because i cant get the i5 3570k or anything like that.

this is 2 builds i am needing advices for:

i can buy a :
Asrock 990FX Extreme3
amd fx 6100
vtx3d 7850 2gb extream edition
tt Commander MS-III
zalman 500w power psu
a normal dvd burner
HDD Desktop TOSHIBA DT01ACA050 (3.5", 500GB, 32MB, SATA III-600)
corsair vengance low pr 4gb 1600mhz 1x

or :
Matična ploča ASRock 970 EXTREME3/extream 4
saphire 7870 ghz edition
and evrything else wuld be the same

now i dont know how good the 970 mbo is good for oc-ing and i it culd push the fx to 4.3+ghz :ouch: 
ofc i wuld also buy a deacent cooling for the cpu and more fans for the case :whistle: 

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