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Hi everyone,
I just want to know your comments on my build and suggest improvements, BTW here is my build:

-Core i5 3470
-PowerColor HD7750
-ECS H77h2-M3
-1TB Seagate HDD 7200 RPM
-Enlight Blacksilver 550W
-Some samsung DVD RW
-Phantom 410 casing
-BenQ RL 2240h (with DVI)
-Logitech G100
-Headphones: Ozone Attack (white version)

Hope you could post your comments and suggestions to my build.
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  1. What is you budget and country?
  2. It's a little unbalanced if the intention is gaming. You really want a stronger gpu the 7750 is a great budget card, but you can easily get a stonger one in there if you drop the i5 for an i3 or an AMD quad/hex.

    Also as Noob stated that is a very low quality psu.
  3. I'm from Indonesia. but btw i've built this system already, i just want to know what i can improve Later, in the future. And what is wrong with my PSU
  4. The PSU is reccomended by computer shop owner he recommended that enlight PSU and another one (pretty much) like this:
  5. TheN00bBuilder said:
    The PSU is made using some Fuhjyyu (Chinese word for feces and a capacitor brand... extremely low quality) capacitors and cannot deliver its maximum rated wattage without exploding and damaging components. Most shop owners give low quality pieces to customers and say that they have one and they are great, etc..... It's just quanity/quality for the shop owners like that.

    Actually I didn't buy the PSU at his store, That PSU was just "reccommended" by him. BTW how about that silver stone PSU
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