Graphics Driver Crashing.

Hey guys, I had a problem with the Display Driver crashing, but it wasn't any old crash, it crashed only under some circumstances.Let me start by telling you my configuration: Phenom 2 x975 processor ,gtx680 SC from EVGA, 8gb of 1600Mhz ram,750W from OCZ and an ASrock 870 rampage 3 motherboard.Well the problems started as soon as I got the video card and installed the EVGA OC software, at boot-up the first video intensive app/game it would crash my driver, but after that it would work perfectly.I managed to solve this by setting all my setting to default(CPU OC , GPU OC ) but I got these components to be able to OC them and I would like to get your opinion on what could be causing this so I can go back to OC them.Oh and also when I do a reboot or I have a crash and the PC reboots my mouse USB and Headphones don't work until I do a clean shutdown and boot-up.Thanks in Advance.
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  1. I forgot to add that when i switch everything to factory settings, everything works as it should.
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