HELP! First build

Hi community I just needed some suggestions on what to do with my build.

At first I was going to go with something like this :

Then someone suggested I downgrade my mobo and get a better GPU:

Know I am just wondering if i should downgrade my mobo. Then go for a better GPU or a better CPU. Which will give me better performance in gaming? and will an hd 7850 work better with an i5 GPU?
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  1. The I5 is a great processor. You should be fine with that. Just be careful when downgrading your motherboard. Try to keep your parts around the same price range. Like a $15 motherboard, a $400 video card and a $200 processor wont work. They'll over sample. Yeah, your build looks pretty solid, just be careful.
  2. Get the 7850 in your first config. The gtx 660 has similar performance, but costs more.
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