Crossfiring & GPU performance

I recently built a gaming PC, the specs are:

-G.Skill 8gb 1600mhz ram
-Gigabyte UD3H
-Sapphire 7950
-TX 750 V2
-Corsair 60gb SSD + Seagate 1TB HDD
-HAF 922

It's a real improvement from my e7500 and radeon 5770. I have OC'd the CPU to 4.3 without touching the voltage and the same goes for the GPU which runs at 1100 & 1500 with a 20% power increase - I am very satisfied with these overclocks and the temperatures seem to run fine (79-85c max with the CPU in a FFT test using prime 95 & furmark burn in test has the GPU run @ 78c max); I know the IB CPUs run a bit warmer and I also know that the furmark burn in test is very stressful on the GPU - in game @ 100% the temperature stays 69-71c. Also, my room temp is a bit on the warmer side. What do you guys think about these temps? As for the GPU performance I was able to use Unigine 3.0 and at stock settings I got an avg FPS of 39 and with a strong OC I was able to get 47 - what do you guys think about that? Is this a reliable GPU test?

My only concern is that I'd like to keep this PC without upgrading any components for at least 2 years. I am thinking about adding a second 7950, but only when the card sees a drop in price. I am worried about getting this card from a retail shop before the 8xxx cards appear and these disappear. I don't like purchasing expensive electronic products from individuals, whether new or used; when is the latest (& cheapest) I can get this card before it's discontinued? How early did the 6xxx cards disappear when the current gen was being launched?

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  1. i take maybe 2 years from the initial launch before the cards starts disappearing. not sure when AMD wants to EOL the cards though. AMD tends to update their line up once a year (which is around Q4) but this time amd intends to prolong the 7k series life by releasing the next series (the HD8k series) around Q2 2013.
  2. That's excellent. With current prices of the 7950 around $300, I think the price will drop quite a bit by the time the 8xxx cards get released.
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