Missing tabs in CCC.

I turned on my computer yesterday, and out of the blue I have these think black borders on the sides of the display. I think it's a scaling issue, but I'm missing the "my digital flat panels" tab from Catalyst Control. I've uninstalled the drivers, and reinstalled new ones without any luck. I'm using a r7770 hd black edition radeon card with windows 8. Can anyone help me out?
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  1. Do a clean install of your drivers using "driver sweeper"
    1)Uninstall the current driver from add/remove programs
    2)boot to safe mode,open driver sweeper > select AMD > clean
    3)reboot normally and install the drivers again

    If that didn't help,try your card in another system
  2. Banged my head against the wall for an hour or so re-installing after sweeping on safe mode. Finally just bucked up and altered the registry. Blessing in disguise I suppose. One more step toward proficiency.
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