The Battle of PSU and GPU !!

this week I decided to upgrade my GPU with the Sapphire Amd 7750 OC edition
( )
and until the last minute,I assumed it was all simply plug and play since I knew my PC had a 450 W PSU installed but then I accidentally discovered that things were more complicated than they seem!! --> (psu specs)

Firstly the system requirements mentioned on sapphire's official website say that their 7750 requires a min. 400 W PSU but they don't say whether I need to connect it to the PSU via a 6 PIN pci cable or not.. because if it does need to be connected then I have a little problem...,my PSU doesn't has a 6 pin PCI .. it only has one Molex 4 pin connector --> which seems to be shared by the DVD drive too -->

I even shabbily ran one of those standard PC power consumption tests,it said my PC uses 257 W out of 450....
So my question to you,is this PSU enough for the mentioned card??plz give me a green signal because if it isn't then I'll have to spend another 50₤ on the PSU :/

My general PC specs
AMD X2 Phenon,3.1 Ghz
1x4gb DDR3 RAM
SATA 7200 RPM 500 GB HDD
1x19" LCD Monitor
No additional coolers or nuclear reactors attached!!
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  1. Best answer
    It will work. That card doesn't need any auxiliary power connectors from the power supply unit.
  2. not that I doubt you but just to be sure,are you absolutely accurate about that?err feel free to take a look at the pic of my PSU specs...
  3. I did look at it. I'm sure.
  4. It will work
  5. Sunius said:
    I did look at it. I'm sure.

    in that case,thanks a ton mate :P you saved me a headache :sol:
  6. No problem :).
  7. bigcyco1 said:
    It will work

    cool,thanks :)
  8. tom_green said:
    cool,thanks :)
    Your welcome! :)
  9. Best answer selected by tom_green.
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