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Which would be better Computer speakers or using your stereo and any problems

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  1. It all has to do with the quality of speakers/amplifier. My computer speakers sound better than my home stereo.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  2. while "better" could be a hard thing to decide on...

    I'll take that challenge.
  3. I only have a $300 home stereo, which sounds fairly good (passable by my high standards). My computer speakers sound just a little better, but my EQ has something to do with that.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  4. I'll just say that there is quite a bit of my money in my main sound system. It's pretty much equivalent to a club system, in that I've spent more time ensuring a good loud sound, than ultra ultra clear quiet time. Right now I'm probably pretty much amp limited, but decent amps tend to run a pretty penny for high end.

    EQ's are an important part of my system at the moment, but I've been looking closely at DSP's which are totally cool, but again cost way more than necessary. As far as PC sound goes most good new DSP's can be used to properly route multi channel signals from a PC to an ultra fine sound system.

    I have to have my PC hooked up to something thumping for MP3's, but I still say the best use of a good sound system is for games though. Good games are so much cooler with good sound IMO. I bet it won't be too far in the future until my TV and DVD get merged in there too, probably when I can get a good DSP.
  5. I already have my system hooked up To the DolbyDigital, DTS, sound system and I must say that it beats any computer setup that I have seen. you know it is bad when your playing a game or watching a movie on your computer and the whole house knows it:) My nest upgrade will more than likely be a larger monitor (21 inch Trinitron Tube). Right now I am on a 6 year old 17 inch CTX, and it is getting a little to small for my tastes.

    If it works for you then don't fix it.
  6. if you use any of these computer speaker you will have great sound that was design for computers check out the reviews on speakers
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  7. That is the single crappiest hardware review site I've ever seen. Their reviews are a joke.

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  8. A $300 stereo is probably better than most computer speakers out there that are under 150 bucks. As you move up the latter in computer speakers,(more than $200), you will be better off with the fancy 5.1s and the external amplfier/equalizers those things have. i take it that your stereo is not 5.1 since its only $300? Well if you are willing to spend some serious dough in computer speakers then they will sound better than your normal stereo. But i wouldnt since u mentioned that you are satisfied with your current stereo and the extra money wont justify the extra performace.
  9. I use the Altec Lansing ADA885s, Dolby Digital and a nice sub for computer speakers dual voice coil 8 inch sub 60watt rms... not bad unless you need something louder then you need to forget using PC speakers but they are loud for most people, any louder on a regular basis and I would think you could easily hurt your hearing...I got mine for $175 shipped new from dell.

    I like the Altec Lansing ADA series and Klipsch Pro Media 4.1s, I would forgo the 2.1 Klipsch because I got my ADA885 (5.1 with Dolby Digital decoder and remote) system for the same price as those 2.1s.. but I love klipsch 4.1s like most PC users.

    "dude your getting a dell", is that kid trying to say he wants to stick his 'dell' in you?
  10. Dont hook a crappy sound card to a nice stereo, you'll pick up all kinds of noise you wouldn't hear otherwise. But if you have a decent sound card go for it.

    Size is the primary problem... amps are big. I have the promedia's and they sound great without my big av amp taking up desk space.
  11. How far will the speakers be from you? Computer speakers are designed to sit a couple feet from you. The main loudspeakers on your stereo are designed to be much farther from you. If your computer is sitting in the middle of a large room with speakers located ten feet away, you need to go with your stereo.

    But who puts their computer table or desk in the middle of a room? It's nearly always up against a wall. In this situation, using your main stereo for computer sound doesn't really make sense. Especially if you get a 4.1 or 5.1 speaker system and want all the speakers to be about the same distance away from you for accurate positional sound in games and Dolby DVDs.

    There are several fine computer speaker systems that sound as good up close as decent loudspeakers do at a distance. Personally, I use a Klipsch Promedia 5.1 system for my computer. For my stereo I use Polk RT-800s with an HK AVR-55 receiver. The Polks are way more balanced and musical than the Klipsch. But the Klipsch system works great for what it's designed to do: games and movies on my computer, sitting a couple feet from my head. The Polks would be total overkill for my computer, not to mention taking up *way* too much room around my desk.

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  12. Scottp, hmm now who was that guy in the cpu forum that got flamed a bit with a website named scottyp, i think someone made a new account to post with =p.

  13. Ah yes, intel_inside was scottp =).

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