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7970 Ghz Edition watercooling

Hello people.

I'm going to be buying the Gigabyte 7970 Ghz Edition and i want to water cool it but i am lost on what water block to buy

Here is a link to the store page

Could you please recommend a full cover water block and/or if needed a different brand (still ghz edition if possible) that is compatible with your recommended water block

Thanks in advance!
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  1. you would need to ask gigabyte if that particular card uses a reference pcb. if it does, you can just buy a 7970 waterblock and it would work fine. if other wise, you would then have to find a specific block designed for that particular card
  2. Do you know of any full cover water blocks for this GPU? I have asked gigabyte but they haven't replied.

    Is this card reference?
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    yes. that msi card is reference

    ek and swiftech makes blocks for reference 7970s. ek having the widest selection
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