Can 2 vga cards and extend the desktop

Good morning, is it possible to install a second vga card on desktop in order to achive extended desktop with 2 monitors?
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  1. It is, but you also achieve the same thing just by connecting two monitors to the same card.
  2. only one vga output on card, so if i split then mirrored, right? If card had 2 vga or vga and other then maybe but mine is only 1 vga and i am trying to extend desktop not mirror.
  3. What card do you have and what inputs do your monitors have?
  4. the machine has a only one video card with 1 vga, no embeded vga. Both monitors have dvi and vga. I know I can go get another graphics card at the distributor but i was wondering if I could take one of many existing vga cards on hand to PCI input and get windows 7 to use it for extended desktop?
  5. if you have onboard and a card you can do it that way too
  6. so sorry no onboard, just one lonely vga on this machine. so can i put a 2nd vga in and acommplish extended desktop. I think I'll just try it and post back wether it works or not.
  7. It would work.
  8. yes it will work fine with two cards. I've a gtx4601gb and a gt520 in my system just so I can game and and (easily) have a web browser open without adding extra work to the 460.
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