First gaming pc build (+/- 900€)

Hey guys

This will be my first time building a pc. This pc is mainly going to be used by my brother and he will use it for gaming.
He told me he is happy with a 500Gb HD and he also doesn't need an SSD, he just wants performance. He hopes using this pc for multiple years. I plan on overclocking it in the future but not too extreme (4ghz max).
Can you help me tweak this build a bit please? Maybe another brand of GPU, cheaper motherboard or extra fans?

Thanks :)

Intel Core i5 3570K / 3.4 GHz
Sapphire HD7950 Boost
Cooler Master GX RS-650-ACAA-D3
WD Caviar Black WD5003AZEX
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo
Kingston HyperX ram (8gb)
Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced
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