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Upgrading Amd Radeon hd 7450 300$ budget

Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my card but can't decide which is best for me. I want a card that can run World of Warcraft on ultra with a 1920x1080 resolution.

These are my computer specs : [...] 31380#N424

Currently with the card i am using i pull about 8 fps on ultra. Hopefully you guys pick one that will fit as well because when i upgraded my Gpu for my last computer it did not fit in the case. :fou:

I have done this same post before sorry for asking again but i asked way too early and with black friday and stuff going on people were going for sales though i knew i wouldn't be buying it for another month. this time i will be purchasing it maybe even the same hour i get a good reply.

I realize i need to upgrade my 460W psu so if you guys could find a card and a psu compatible with my pc for 300$ that would be amazing. sorry again for the "repost" that was my bad judgement.

Thanks alot,
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  1. That link doesnt work :P a GTX 660 or a 650 Ti are good for that price range with a new power supply. I'd suggest around a 600w PSU as they're not too expensive and provide good upgrade potential, like a CX600. Just see what fits into your budget.
  2. Haha i'm english so i'm going off google 300 dollars to gbp, what you think of the suggestions?
  3. that looks great django! i know you know what you are doing but for safety purposes did you check that that card with fit in my pc and will run with that psu and will that psu fit in my pc?
  4. Djangoringo, haven't you already posted those links?
  5. Yes, but it was the us ones, these ones are from Canada.
    I can't see the information of the case.
  6. i put the link in my second post sorry broken link in original post. btw i know you are doing this to help people out and i feel bad i keep asking you to look but i realize that the geforce gtx 660 which is the one i would get is not in stock :\ i was hoping to buy it today and have it shipped not really wait till they get one. i would look for another one but im not good with all the huge names they got so i figure i might mess up and get a stupid one.
  7. Most cards will fit in that case with no problem. If you need a new PSU then i'd say get a 600w+ psu and a 7870 / GTX 660, which one did you want but went out of stock?
  8. i wanted the 660 he linked but it was out of stock and the only reason i want a new psu is because people were saying i will need one to get any decent card i honestly don't even know how to install a psu i just figured i would teach my self
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    The case you have will fit the two, as for the 660 or 7870 a good psu with 550w will do, the xfx 550w(it's a quality psu made by seasonic) is more than enough.

    As for the cards, there's a 660 gtx bellow 200$, it has dual fan cooling system and good oc from factory, it's a decent brand(galaxy) :

    Or else get the 7870 at 229$.
  10. alright i will just get the 7870 since it's in stock thnx alot guys would be lost without you
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