Production PC for LightRoom 4 + Premiere CS6

Hello everyone,

I've always been a reader here on TH, but never posted previously.

I'm looking to build a new PC that is well equipped for working in both Lightroom 4 and Premiere CS6, as well as the rest of the Master Collection.

Here is what I've pieced together so far;

Listed as such [Hardware - Link]:
Full List Here

Case I would like to have USB 3.0 and if possible Micro ATX for Portability

Power Supply needs to have the ability for SLI expansion later in time
Power Supply

Graphics Card for later use as SLI to keep this machine for a long time

Mothboard possibilities, I'd like to rechoose one of the Micro ATX Form Factor boards but these are the ones I've picked so far
MoBo - 1
MoBo - 2

RAM I want enough ram to utilize both programs well enough, and maybe enough to have some overlap.

Processor, I want a high end processor I won't need to replace in the next 4 or so years. Proc

Drive, I'd like to double this as a media playing machine too if I hooked it up to my TV.
Blu-Ray Drive

SSD, to have my Operating System on and to use

Storage Hard Drive, this is the drive I'll store my data on after its been worked on from my SSD
WD BlkDrive

Would it be possible to make this computer with some chages to mobo and case in a Micro ATX form. Also I had thought about going instead with a Server Mobo + Proc as to gain the ability to use 2 4core processors.

Your assistance is appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. Link to the hardware list doesnt work

    why SLI?
    why portability? An m-ATX case will limit spaces for storage
  2. SLI for video rendering speed

    Portability so I can tot it easier than a larger machine, it wouldn't happen extremely often but I am in the process of starting a company with some friends and would bring it to work on stuff in the office that is currently available to us.
  3. I appreciate the help in advance.
  4. Outlander did that other link I posted work?
  5. My budget is between 1500-2000
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