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Hd 7870XT (Club3D) not giving display and no boot but working

So i have a Club3D 7870XT JokerEdition.
On a FSP 900W PSU.
When i put in the card, it wont boot or give me any display, otherwise the card is getting enough power. :S
But when i put in back my GT240 or Intergrated Board it boots me to windows.

What can be the problem? I wasted 40k (400$) on this....
Any fix please?

i even tried another JokerCard to test it and it does the same.
but other 7770 works fine as well :S
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  1. and you plug in the 2 pcix 6 pin connector?
  2. rgd1101 said:
    and you plug in the 2 pcix 6 pin connector?

    i do.
  3. Solved,
    Upgraded to H77 chipset.
    it was my old mobo.
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    LoL, typical issue with older boards.
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