PCI wireless adapter constantly losing connection

Im currently living downstairs from the router. Its in a "secure location." Long story short, the person I live with is very private about the particular room its located in. I know the router is a "N" model Linkys.
I installed the software that came with the PCI adapter (NETGEAR N300) and everything seemed smooth, then I constantly kept dropping connection. I then assumed the driver needed updating so I uninstalled the driver and re-downloaded the recommended driver from the netgear website, it didn't do anything. Any insight at all would be greatly appreciated!

Things to know:
-I don't do any heavy gaming
-When I disable and reable the PCI adapter driver from device manager I can reconnect to the internet rather quickly.
-When uploading a video to youtube I found the connection to be more stable, but slower. (could of been a coincidence)

Currently I've been running "TCP view" to try to find something in the background taking bandwidth. I searched all the applications that it lists and nothing seems to be abnormal.

Thanks for reading =]
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  1. Anyone at all have/had a similar issue?
  2. bumpy bump please =]
  3. Really, I'm so desperate for any sort of insight.
    A direction to be pointed in? I don't even know where to begin..
  4. still having this issue
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