Your choice: 160GB 5400 Maxtor/ 120 IBM 7200?

I am using a system now with 2 IBM 60 GB drives 7200rpm in a RAID 0 config. I am running out of space fast. I mainly use these drives for mp3 and movie storage. There is a lil gaming but not much going on here. My system runs on an IBM 40gb 7200. I am selling the drives however (anyone intersted?) and want to upgrade to either 1 IBM 7200 RPM 120 Gig drive ATA 100 or the ATA 133 Maxtor 160GB 5400. Which do you all think would be better? I can get them for close to the same price. The only bad thing about the maxtor is I will have to get an ATA card to pick up the 137GB+ drive. What about performance? I use this mostly for storage and will be buying a second of whichever drive I purchase now in the summer to do raid again. I will also be upgrading my mobo to ATA 133 this summer.


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  1. If your looking for performance get the IBM. If you want storage then go with the Maxtor.

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