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Could someone make this build cheaper to under $920 (Only like 10 or 20$ more that that).
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  1. You could cut the storage in half, but you might want to switch the gpu and cpu. The rule on tomshardware is the gpu should always be twice the price of the cpu
  2. I plan on gaming though so i might need that 1TB, Right ? or not? When i say gaming i mean DayZ standalone, Dayz mod battlefield 3 battlefield 4.
  3. Also could you recommend a GPU and CPU? I prefer intel+Nvidia, but you know whatever's cheapest.
  4. Replace the very expensive old graphics card with a Radeon 7850 for about $5 less
    and increase the game performance about 30%

    Then drop the psu to a 520 watt model which should easily have enough grunt
    Antec NEO ECO 520C $40

    The 1866 MHz RAM voids the warranty on your processor . Use 1600 MHz . You wont see any performance decrease

    That saves you so much you can afford a case that isnt totally hopeless . The gamma really is a a very poor case
    At that price you can get a Corsair 200R
    Or spend as much as $50 on something like the HAF 912

    And if you are really desperate for an nVidia card [ why?]
    then make all those savings , buy the 200R case , and drop the cpu cooler
    and get one of these for $209
    GIGABYTE GV-N660OC-2GD GeForce GTX 660 2GB
  5. I ended up going with radeon HD 7850, Ill get tomb raider and bioshock infinite along with the video card :)
    Any other suggestions?

  6. Are you going to overclock or not? If not you could easily save a good $100 by dropping the CPU to the i5-3470, drop the fan, and the motherboard to an H77.
  7. How good do you think i could over clock it to? I can probably get away with what i have, but the lower it is, the more games i can get. Also, i think i should overclock because of how low my graphics card is. Whats your suggestion?
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