Radeon 7570 good enough for these games?

Wanted to know if a 7570 would be able to max with a smooth fps on these games:

League of Legends

What do you think my average frame per second would be for the fps games?
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  1. Resolution ?

    But in 1080p you'll not get decent fps ultra settings in BF3.
    The other ones you can get, those are low demanding games.
  2. Maybe the other games, but not bf3, Bf3 will run at ultra with 7 fps.

    If you want to play at ultra you need either

    a radeon hd 7850, a gtx 660, or a gtx 650 ti.
  3. I suggest to buy a Radeon HD 6850 or nVidia GTX 660 Ti, Or Radeon HD 7790
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