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NVidia GTX 670 FTW signature2, display issues

Hey guys, I just recently got a gtx 670 FTW signature 2 edition and after correctly seating and installing it, I have gotten 1 of 3 things, A) no picture whatsoever, B ) it boots to BIOS, then resets then repeats. or C) boots to BIOS and hangs there.

The keyboard is completely unresponsive on B or C.

I have an AMD 990FX-UD3 mobo with an amd fx8150 processor, a cooler master 212 evo cpu cooler, a pc power and cooling 600 watt power supply, and 4 hard drives (a 1.5 TB, 2TB, 500 gig, and a 120gb SSD)

when i install my old 550 Ti, it boots up no problem

I'm not sure what could be causing this, and am wondering if my power supply just doesn't have enough juice.
Please help!
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    well the mk3 has 45a or so onthe 12v line... so I dont think that would be the problem. Which psu do you have?
  2. I had the MK3 Silencer version, it wasn't the power supply, i got it fixed and all is well just by moving it to another PCI-E slot.
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