I need help with power with my Crossfire setup

Help! I am so frustrated with connecting these cards!

Can someone help me and tell me and tell me if this setup will work for crossfirein' my rig.

Motherboard= AsRock z68 extreme 3 gen 3

Power = Nzxt Hale 82 750 watt modular

Video Card 1= Sapphire hd7850 O.C. 2gb ddrg 5 (11200-01-20g) ----Single 6 pin

Video Card 2= XFX hd785A Black Double D (FX-785A-CDBC) ----Two 6x2 pin

The instructions on the XFX card say to use 2 seperate 6x2 pins.

Can the NzXT hale 82 750 watt power supply support both graphics cards ?

I am so confused!
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  1. Yes.
    The cable thing is a non issue.
    If you don't have the right cables you can get adapters and such to make it physically plug in.
    The power supply itself should be sufficient.
  2. The NxZT hale 82 750 watt doesn't have (3) 6x2 cables. It only has (2) 6x2

    the sapphire gets 1 6 plug

    the xfx needs 2 seperate 6x2 though
  3. Yea, thats why you get an adapter to get the extra 6x2:
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