MSI GTX670 OC using system memory

Hello Guys,

I got my MSI GTX 670 twin Fozr OC today which replaced the old HD 5770. My system settings show that i have 2GB less memory than i should. I went into Nvidia's system profile and there is shows 670 using 2GB system memory. My 5770 never did that on the same MB (Asus P7P55-E Pro)

I have even tried to disable VT in BIOS but to no use.

System : i7 860
RAM: 6GB (4GB available)

I cannot understand why would such an advanced card do this?

Many thanks for any help.
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  1. Did you clear the CMOS so that the hardware change can be re-enumerated and hardware resources re-allocated?
  2. Yes i did, infact i just reinstalled Fresh Win 7 Ultimate x64 after default BIOS setting. MSI live update does not detect my MB .. So does that means my MB is incompatible.. Its really not that old.. Not sure what is going on..
  3. Are you using the latest ASUS P7P55D-E PRO BIOS Version 1703 ?

    Did you install the latest Intel chipset driver ?

    What does MSI Live Update have to do with an ASUS motherboard ?
  4. SOLVED: Not sure how but seems like there was a CMOS problem.. Did the reset 3 times.. and this worked..

    In regards to MSI Live and MB.. Well if it does not detect your Motherboard or if there are any compatability issues there is a old legacy ROM which you can flash to the card for old MB compatability.. I was almost about to do that but CMOS clearing worked .. well kinda the 3rd time..

    Thanks a lot guys..

    Keep up the good work..
  5. Good to know you have it worked out.

    Sometimes it does take a few CMOS resets to get the hardware resources to re-allocate correctly.
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