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Would a GTX 660 non TI be a good choice upgrade for my rig?

Hello I have been looking at upgrading my GPU for a while and I think I am going to go with GeForce GTX 660 FTW Signature 2 2GB, this is for gaming, I recently updated some of my other parts and this is what I currently am running...

CPU - Phenom x2 965BE (no oc and don't plan to for now)
MOBO - Asus M5A87
PSU - Antec BP550
RAM - Gskill 8gb
GPU - Evga GTX 550TI
CASE - Inwin F430 (kinday crazy case but was free and is big so fits a lot, I also have extra fan running up front for decent cooling, Temps are around 50-55C under load for CPU stock cooler 33ish idle)
MONITOR - 32" Vizio TV full 1080P (So I run at 1920x1080)

I am currently running SWTOR, I have played Star Craft 2, XCOM, GW2, WOW, Diablo 3, etc... and am looking to play Assasins Creed 3, Skrim, and a few other Titles on PC. My current games run very smooth high but not with every maxed out setting and on SWTOR the fram rate seems to jump around on high settings. I want to run 1080P Single monitor on high with some extras. Ultra would be great but high for the next 1.5-2 years would be nice. I would like to know if the 660 is a good buy for my rig or if there is something better to get. I am partial to Nvidia as I have one from them now and most drivers alreay installed. I have also seen alot about AMD drivers being touchy. Since I have never had an issue with the 550 TI (other then starting to slowly fall behind) might as well keep it in the family. Oh and for budget $230 is where I want to be. Thanks in advance with the help.
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  1. Thats good GPU. I have it and it maxes out everything.
    But the CPU is a concern.
  2. Yes, it is a good upgrade from a 550ti for a 660 gtx, you will gain a huge boost in performance.
    Also you have a good psu which is more than enough for that card and the rest, you also have a decent cpu, it will not bottleneck the card.
    So it's worth.

    The 660 is 4 tier higher than the 550ti,so it is a worthwhile upgrade.

    As for running anything on high for the next 1.5-2 years I wouldnt count on it,there are games out right now that the 660 cant provide decent fps constantly @1080.

    Furthermore I think your CPU will bottleneck the 660.Unfortunately thats gaming for you,it would be better to sell your system and buy a new one from scratch because AMD CPUs are not very good for the type of requirement you made.
  4. To take the best out of your Card, you'll need a better CPU.
  5. The 965 be will not bottleneck the 660 non ti.
    It will not.
  6. Thanks for the Replys... So the question is now about Bottleneck... I am not sure how this will affect my GPU as My cpu under full load is never more than say 70% - 75% with multiple things running. So for the bottleneck is this even something to be concerned with. Or the 660 is definately the way to go?
  7. Get the GTX 660, then check your CPU usage while playing games.

    If load is around 100% and your GPU is less than 60-80% usage, then it might be a bottleneck.
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    I own a 660 with a 955 processor and it runs great don't worry about the Bottleneck :)
  9. Okay Thanks for all the input... One question and I am probably gonna go order it. But just to make sure for my rig is this the best card I should go for or try to get some additional funds to get more. I have read alot on her about the different cards and for what I am looking for this seems to be the best card ( Evga 660 Signature FTW 2GB). So basically is the TI worth the extra 70ish bucks or no get 660 and then Rebuild system in 1.5ish years? Thanks again for all the help!!!
  10. If you have money then get Ti
  11. i have core2quad q9550 and 66ftw @1180mhz and i have no bottleneck as gpu and cpu usage is same in games at 95%

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  13. Thanks Everyone for the reponses I will be getting the 660 FTW Signature as soon as I can. Thanks for the info.
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