I5 3570k and GTX 650 1GB?

Do i5 3570k and GTX 650 1GB go good together or is that a big no no since the GPU is 1/2 the price of the CPU?
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  1. They work together fine, I suppose.

    The 650 is not that great of a card, I would go with (at a minimum) a radeon 7850 which is still fairly cheap and will have much greater performance than the 650.

    Though I'm a bit confused what you're asking that's my 2 cents
  2. Im asking wether or not they will bottleneck pretty much. This is my build atm and i need to bump that price down to under $930 so i was gonna ask that after someone answered that question. What do you think about that build though? What can I do to lower the price. Its going to be a gaming system too, so if that helps, there you go. I also plan on overclocking.
  3. Basically for gaming as of now, the i5 3570k is the best cpu you can get, your not going to see any form of boost at that point.

    There will almost always be some sort of graphical bottleneck as games get more and more based on GPU hardware instead of CPU.

    Also the GPU is a 560 not a 650, the 560 will slighty (correct me if im wrong) out perform the 650 :P sorry for the confusion). It's a reliable card you should be running medium in most games.
  4. Oh whoops! Lol I've been very scatter brained about this computer build today, Its driving me nuts. Do you know of any way i could decrease the price of this build? I mean could i change anything thats NOT the CPU or GPU?
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    You don't need (and i dont think your motherboard supports the 1866mhz memory) you can stick with 1333mhz, and get similar performance within a percentage point, that will save you a bit.

    Unless you plan on over clocking: first you can get an i5 3470, then get a non z77 board, and get rid of the 3d party cooler. This will save you a bit, but if you plan on overclocking then you will see a bit more performance per dollar.

    Your PSU doesn't need to have that much power a 500w would work fine, though there may be nothing at that price point cheaper.

    Unless you know you will be using CDs or DVDs you don't need a disc drive anymore even thing is all in the cloud download now.
  6. Thank you so much! I appreciate it!!
  7. Is this for gaming ?
  8. Yup!
  9. For gaming at high image details spend more on the graphics card and less on the processor
  10. Alright. Thanks guys
  11. Get a better gpu, like the 7850, it offers two games, bioshock infinite and tomb raider(i know it's marketing, but still it's a good offer).
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  13. Changed my GPU, Now that my GPU is more expensive, What can i do to decrease my price?
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