Can you combine two graphics cards?

Can you combine x2 Radeon 7970s with x2 nvidia 680s?
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  1. Hi :)


    All the best Brett :)
  2. Using LucidLogix Virtu?
  3. ko888 said:
    Using LucidLogix Virtu?

    i don't know what that is
  4. Quad core with two different GPUs? I'm not sure even Lucid will work with that.
  5. don't recall how Lucid's technology worked. I think the only reviews I saw on it was comparing its Hydra technology with NVidia's SLI and AMD's XFire, and 1 discussing the use of its Virtu to combine discrete and integrated.
  6. Its... possible, nearly impossible, but possible.
    I wouldn't try it though, its too dangerous.
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