Graphics card not being utilized

I'm having trouble with my Nvidia 7900 GTX card. I recently bought a friend's build and everything works fine except when trying to use the card.

I have the correct and updated drivers installed. System properties shows that the graphics card IS installed and current.

I have re-installed windows and driver software to no avail. When i try to game, the quality is worse than my laptop with a factory default gpu with minimum graphics settings.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

PSU is 650 watts and the card fan is running.

My specs:

Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6400@ 2.13GHz


64-bit Windows 7
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  1. Are you trying to use a onboard graphics card alongside the 7900?
    If you are, just disable the onboard video.
  2. the only thing listed under "display adapters" is the Nvidia 7900 gtx card. Does this mean I have to disable it in BIOS?
  3. rockydog2040 said:
    the only thing listed under "display adapters" is the Nvidia 7900 gtx card. Does this mean I have to disable it in BIOS?

    You go into your bios, then disable the integrated graphics.

    Under display options choose PEG as primary device.
  4. seems like it is being used, since its the only video device showing up in device manager. you do realize that card is old as dirt right?
  5. I'm aware the card is old. I bought the entire rig for $50 and I don't need Ultra graphics to be happy.

    I know something isn't working properly from my tests on "can you run it". My laptop with factory default specs "fails" the test for a game I play and runs it smoothly on minimum graphics. My rig is only a little bit short of "optimal" yet can only run on minimum graphics.

    How is this possible?
  6. you havent told us what kind of laptop you have. i bet its alot more recent than that video card.
  7. the gpu on my laptop is an Intel(R) HD Graphics Family. same Ghz but only 6 GB RAM

    i5 processor
  8. i bet the built in graphics on the i5 is better than the 7900.
  9. No i compared the specs and they are not better than the 7900
  10. You should be able to run just fine.
    I have the equivalent setup of yours right now and I can run pretty much anything fine with min settings or more.
    Try resetting the BIOS, and turn off anything that is power saving like intel speedstep and stuff like that.
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