Intel i5-3570k and Radeon HD 7870

I am ordering a new computer this week and have so far chosen the following specs.

Asrock z77 extreme4
Intel i5-3570k with liquid cooling 120mm fan
Radeon HD 7870 2GB
2x4GB G Skill Ripjaw 1600MHz DDR3 Ram
650W Corsair CMPSU - 650TXV2
1TB HDD 7200rpm
128GB Sandisk SSD

I plan to overclock the intel to 3.8 or 4.0GHz immediately. In the next year I will be receiving another 7870 as a gift to crossfire and a larger psu with 4-6pin pci-e. Yet as it stands, how will my system do for demanding games and light video editing/3d rendering. Thank you for your thoughts and comments.

The water cooling system comes with my chip, I am deathly allergic to thermal paste and shops in my state do not deal with cooling systems because of merchant laws.

So please! As it stands, how will my system do with games like Skyrim and Wow as well as basic video/photo editing and 3d rendering. Don't give me a speech on hyper threading please. Just tell me how my system stands now and if it has the expandability I may want in the future. THESE ARE MY ONLY CONCERNS. Thank you.
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  1. Don't go for liquid cooling unless it is a custom loop and at your budget, i would not go WC either way.

    here is a review of another Cooler half the price of the H100 and beats it when you add inside a second fan

    Also, do not go CFX/SLI on that motherboard, it only allows 1xpcie 3.0 @ 16X and 1 PCIe 2.0 @ 4x which makes it pretty much unless if going CFX
  2. 3.8 is the standard turbo. for tiny OC i would get a hyper 212
  3. I actually meant to include that I was considering upgrading to the Extreme4 mobo for future crossfire. It has been mentioned also that the Extreme offers more ability for stable overclocking, and I wonder if there is much truth to this notion.
  4. Why don't u pay a bit more extra now and get 750W PSU so that u dun need to spend 2 times.
  5. I just don't have it in my budget at this time, and I may wait two years to build a new system on intel's future architecture, so I may not actually crossfire this time around. As it stands, how does the system look? I decided on the Extreme4.
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    Drop liquid cooling and go for evo 212 like Rockdpm says and u will have extra money for ur PSU and different mobo.

    If you are not interested in crossfire, then reputable brand 500W PSU will serve u well.
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