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hey i have a asus gtx 550 ti, and i want to upgrade, but i don't know which one is better, i spend more of the time working with 3d models (studying architecture) and also play in 3d, i thinking to spend like $300 to $450, so if someone can help me i will berry appreciated and sorry for the grammar xD
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  1. Well it seems you have four options.
    7970 GHz-

    Now for the explanation. First the 670 is the relative worst of the group. The 7970 and 7970 GHz are both the same GPU (a bit ahead of a 670) but the GHz has higher factory overclock settings, enough that they released it as a second model. The regular 7970 can run at those same settings though (normally at least, some don't overclock as well but almost all do) if you're willing to overclock saving you some money. Then there is the 680 which performs similar to the 7970 GHz or the overclocked 7970.

    Finally you have to decide which brand you prefer for both 3D and modeling software. The 7970 scores higher in cad benchmarks but the Nvidia cards support CUDA.
    I can't personally comment on their of these though.
    Here is an article about the 3D (though a bit old now, october 17,2011).,3050.html
  2. I can comment on the sapphire 7970, it will max out any game on the market. I have one in my gaming rig
  3. I'm more so talking about the 3D modeling, I know I'd rather buy the 7970 if it was only for gaming. Although I don't think it will disappoint I can't say for sure which is better because I just don't know.
  4. go for nvidia, you will get all the stuff for 3D.
  5. If you are referring too the 660 in the link, then yes that is a good gpu for gaming
  6. and for 3d modeling?
  7. I cant answer that, sorry
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