Stuck, need help/advice (Ghosting)

Ok I'll try keep this as short as possible, I have ordered a new desktop to put together at work, this desktop will be replacing a laptop for one of our salesmen.

Ghost laptop HDD contents onto new desktop SSD to work normally so the salesman can continue work as normal on new desktop, Laptop HDD will then be erased with a fresh install so we can pass it down to one of the workers out back.

Ok, im trying to achieve this with Hirens 15.0 and i am encountering a number of problems.

1. when i try to boot straight from the laptop HDD I end up encountering a blue screen, then tried in safe mode and it stopped at the humble sys32/drivers/mup.sys error
i searched for a while to try to find a fix for this and i ended up post poning that until i had the HDD cloned.

2. when attempting to clone the HDD with a number of applications i have encountered either "problems with drivers.Z7" or when trying to run programs like Ghost G4L i get to a point where the interface tries to load up but my monitor disconnects, when it reconnects there are hundreds of small tiles showing exactly the same thing, it pretty much glitches out to a point where i cant do anything and i dont think it would be safe for me to, occasionally automatically opening the disk drive.

Will update system specs tomorrow as for now if this will help i am using Intel 4000 onboard graphics. with an Intel i3.

Thank you for taking your time to help.
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  1. What you are trying to do, if i am not mistaken, is clone the OS from the laptop onto a ssd that is going in a new desktop!

    This will not work.

    You cannot clone the Operating system from the laptop and make it run correctly on the New Desktop due to driver compatibility and such, you see they will have quite different hardware and require quite different software components to get it to run. There is ways to slipstream the OS and move it that way but it is way more complex than just putting the SSD into the New PC, installing a fresh Operating System, and drivers, as well as the necessary programs, and then move the data across from the Laptop to the new PC (Using memory keys or External HDD or network shares)

    Hope this helps
  2. Noob12 said:
    Sure it works. You can take wimdows 30 day trail version and change the product key.

    first download the copy of windows that you have.
    burn it to dvd or move it to usb stick.
    Boot and install windows. Do not use product key at this point.

    Here is good guide:

    If anything else do not work. Take phone and ring to microsoft and they will reset your produkt key. Then you can install it.

    Hope that this helps.

    If you have problems google helps ;)

    He's not worried about the product key it's more like he wants to take the laptop hdd and put it in the desktop without actually doing so...
  3. There is an application called UIU (Universal Image Utility) which will help you image a laptop drive for use on a desktop without worrying about the drivers.
  4. Cheers for the help guys, I have intermediate PC knowlege so I should be able to do most things, its just that im stuck here as I havent tried anything like this before. I think a fresh install would probably be the best bet to get best performance and whatnot, it'll be a lot cleaner also I suppose. I understand that Microsoft has discontinued XP, I dont suppose they've released a universal key to install it genuinely have they? it might even pay to upgrade his system to Windows 7 possibly?
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