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Need feedback on Components

February 4, 2013 6:48:21 AM

Hey guys, So thinking of just revamping my PC, Solved an issue causing stuttering (turned out SSD is going bad) SO I had thought about switching from AMD to INTEL - Seems intel lasts longer by comparison I guess.
Current Build:
Phenom II 6X 1090T
Hyper 212 plus cooler
Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3
4x4 GB Corsair Vengence RAM 9-9-9-24
Gigabyte Radeon HD 7870 Ghz 2GB edition

700W Thermaltake PSU
Kingston Hyper X 3K SSD (240 GB) RMAing for a new one
1TB Western digital for Logical
And we can skip the rest of junk

*Note on use. Primarily this is for gaming, internet browsing, sometimes video movies, youtube, Microsoft office. Not many application software that needs much. I am not an over clocker and when it comes to games, I do like to play them at mostly max settings although I dont really ever push AA and all that up, usually just the details and stuff. I play FPS mainly with some RPG stuff thrown in. But below are my thoughts for use with building a different one.

CPU: Intel i5 3570K - I keep hearing this is one of the best because of the Ivy bridge. I want a CPU that will last and do well for gaming since with AMD I dont really need 6-8 cores.

Cooling: since I already have four case fans I will probably stick with the Hyper 212 plus, unless someone can really convince me to go water cooled. I just dont OC and the risk of it leaking always scares the tar out of me. Although I did find computer insurance that I might put on it. the cost for piece of mind may be worth it.

MOBO: not wholly sure about this one, I've heard that there is little to no difference in the "gaming" mobo vs. normal. I am up for suggestions on this one. Was looking at GA-Z77x-UDH3. when compared to the z77 sabertooth, I just dont see any real differences. And honestly Im not going to overclock with maximum intent

RAM: thinking of sticking with the RAM I have, Corsair vengeance is good and at 16GB I dont think I will need more anytime soon. Latency is decent for me

GPU: Really thinking hard about this, I heard that Nvidia works best with Intel whereas AMD works best with Radeon. Paid out $250 for the 7870 last month. Not sure how well it will work in the system. I know its not as powerful as the two Im eyeballing: MSI GTX 660ti or the GTX 670 FTW. I keep hearing really good things about the 670 FTW model. Both are better than the 7870 and smaller which is a plus, Dang AMD card takes up way too much space. Im not going to SLI crossfire or link two cards together, too much cash for little performance boost

Looking at downgrading PSU to a 650W but might go 850 because of the decibels. Both are Corsair:

I like modular, I just want it to be quiet. I hate hearing fans going loud. I keep my case fans at 50% and dont have issues with cooling

Keeping the SSD Hard drive set up, just will use the replacement from kingston, (not really a fan of them but it was a decent one compared to samsung 830 840 at the time)

That is pretty much it in a shell. I am open to suggestions and comments of all type for feedback.

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