Is this a good game streaming computer

i put together these parts, but before I buy them and assemble them I want to know whether they are up to the job of streaming high end games like arma 2 and hitman absolution.

the parts are.

i5-3570k quad core 3.5ghz 6mb cache
Asus P8Z77-V Motherboard
16Gb Kingston hyperx ram

seeing as I already had one readon 7750 I thought I would get another an
crossfire them.

750w psu

thanks in advance
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  1. Do not corssfire 7750's. They are low end GPU's and its pointless. For gaming, you want at least a 7770 for medium settings.
  2. You won't even be playing those games at more than low/medium settings with a 7750, let alone streaming them.
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