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I have almost finished building my first PC and pretty happy with it so far.
The only things i need now is the fans and leds.
I have a Maximus V Formula mobo and love the leds on them, I have ordered a Aerocool X Predator X3 white edition case but,
I am a bit stuck with the colors for the fans and leds, im thinking about going all red or half red half green.
Sorry if this is in the wrong category but i was little bit pushed for time.

Any other suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

P.S. Could some one recommend a good SSD for boot and games only. Thank you.
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  1. Your asking for advice on looks, is entirely subjective to who's looking.
    My advice, if you want lighting, do it through a dedicated LED strip like the NZXT Hue. This will also allow a lot of flexibility in what you can do.

    Samsung 830, OCZ Vector or Samsung 840 Pro. 128GB is enough for the OS, important programs and some games.
    If you can find the 830 in stock, jump on it. If not, then pick between the Vector and 840 Pro based on whichever's cheaper.
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