How can I fit a DVD drive with no mounting points in my case?


I have a Cit S008B case and I can't attach a DVD drive into the drive bay as there is no metal attachment to screw it in to. The DVD drive fits into the bay well enough but it is loose and there are no mounting points as in the picture:

The DVD holes line up the the 3 oblong shape but a screw will not keep it in place here.

Does anyone know a way of fixing a DVD drive to the case? I am looking to sell the computer and so inserting cardboard and so on may not be the way to go and I don't have any drilling tools. I got the case about two years ago and I'm sure I remember attaching a DVD drive before as the case has a flip cover (see pic below) and so I may be missing a mounting attachment but I would be grateful for any help.

Cit S008B case:

The flip cover does not "hold" the DVD drive at all but is designed to flip up when the open/close button is pressed.
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  1. Thanks for the reply but the holes line up with the oblong shapes and therefore there is nothing to drill out and the screw holes on the top face the HDD. I am going to sell it without a drive.
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