Getting win98 to connect to Linksys

I need to get an old win98 laptop onto my wifi. I have a USB wireless adapter and it appears to be working. I can use the Microsoft Broadband Network Utility and see my network on the list. I enter my router key and hit go and it just doesn't do anything (keeps saying network and internet unavailable). I think I have my network settings setup how they should be (TCP/IP, etc.). Does anyone have some pointers on what I might look for?
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  1. What type of wireless adapter is it?

    If the adapter is old and only supports WEP, then it will not connect to a newer router that by default only supports WPA. You will either need to enable WEB on your router, which opens up security holes, get a new adapter that supports WPA, or just use an Ethernet cable.
  2. It's an old Microsoft broadband networking device. Don't remember the part number (Mx-510 maybe?). It's old, so you may be on to something.

    I really just need to be able to transfer files from my other machine. If this gets too hard I guess I could try to find thumb drive drivers instead...
  3. For a brief time it will be OK to enable WEP in your router, but make sure you disable it as soon as you are done!
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