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Hello, I just built a new pc from amazon and it worked very good for the first couple of weeks, but today, while I was playing a game it just crashed and when I tried to start it again it went on for half a second, turned itself off and after another second it did the same thing again and again and eventually I had to turn it off through the PSU because it kept doing like that.
I was thinking that it could be the PSU, the Motherboard or the graphics card but as it is the first pc I built, I can`t know for sure.
The parts are:
Motherboard: P9X79 PRO
CPU: Intel core i7 3820
GPU: Sapphire vapor-x HD 7970 ghz edition
PSU: Corsair 750w
Memory: corsair vengeance 4x4gb
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  1. have u ran a scandisk. + disk defrag. is it a fresh install of windows?
  2. It is a fresh install of windows but the problem is that the computer doesn't boot, the fans spin for a split second and then the pc turns off again
  3. *update

    I opened the case and I noticed the folowing:

    1) The PSU fan does not spin (although I am not quite sure it should)
    2) All the case fans and the CPU fans spin, with the exception of the exhaust fan
    3) There is a red light coming from a LED on the motherboard: CPU_LED
    4) The case lights turn on, but they turn off shortly again like the rest

    Hope this might help :)
    Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me.
  4. that doesnt sound good.

    tried resetting bios battery?
  5. I did and it didn`t make any difference. I just need to know which part might be broken so I can send it back and get a replacement because all the parts are in warranty.
  6. i cant know. im not physically there.

    id rma ur stuff
  7. Check the 8 pin EPS power lead

    The mb is telling you there is an error with the processor . Either its damaged [ were you overclocking ? , was the heat sink firmly in place? ] or its not getting enough power
  8. The 8-pin is connected, so you are saying that the CPU is broken?
    No, I was not overclocking and I also have the H100 so I don`t think that overheating could have been a problem
  9. does anything turn on?
  10. I solved the problem, it was a thing with the 8-pin cable, it didn`t connect properly to the MB.
    Thanks for the advice! :)
  11. no problem anytime.
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