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Hi guys,

I was wondering, how hard is it to sell custom built high-end PC for a reasonable price?

I want to get the latest i7, with nVidia's 690, 64GB RAM, etc. I'm looking to spend around 3,500-4000 GBP. However, there is a possibility that I might have to sell it this summer if my circumstances change.

How hard would it be to sell it, do you think people buy PCs for around 2,500-3000 GBP from other people?
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  1. No, I wouldn't spend that much on any used system.
  2. Really expensive high end PC's don't sell well used, not when you can buy a "NEW" system of not quite as high a end parts that does the job just as well.

    Most people tend to purchase with there budget in mind first not performance in mind when buying 2nd hand.

    The Person who built the PC on the other hand will have built it with performance in mind and not so much budget

    I see this all the time people trying to sell used super high end desktops, and they almost never sell unless the price is crazy cheap as overall they are way out of the budget range of anyone searching for a used desktop
  3. Don't go wasting money if you might come to need that money sooner than you think. Play it safe and make a rig that you can keep that will cost around 1.5GBP. So gab yourself an Intel Core i7 3770K (since you want it that bad), a 7970 card, Gigabyte UD5H, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD (either Sammy or OCZ), H80i from Corsair, 750 Watts PSU from Corsair, Fractal Design Refine D4 and whatever else you might need and save money.
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