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I got my Hd 7850.

So, I am trying those OC now.

There is a problem that using afterbuster.

The default clock is 900, and if I change clock to 901 through afterburner, my display

gets werid. OC to 1050 using CCC works perfect...

It is hard to explain, but I see some cracks(?) on the monitor.

It is not crashed; I don't see a blue screen.

Is it a software problem or hardware problem?

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  1. To rule this out, your using v2.3.0 right?
  2. I had the exact same problem. I fixed it by uninstalling MSI afterburner and downloading 2.3.0 (Not the BETA) from their site. Then I installed it and it worked! Now I can overclock with Afterburner without my screen getting buggy.
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