Good buy(gpu) for my system?

soo i ordered a msi radeon hd 7850 twin frozr 2 yesterday.
this is for my computer i built a few months back, the specs are amd 6 core chip, mobo dosnt matter 600w psu
8gb of gddr5 ram and 1.5 tb, is this card a good buy? anddd what should i expect from bf3 on ultra? aa and everything
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  1. It may play at a decent fps with everything on my machine set on ultra i usually have it 40-60 fps can remember what settings i had it exactly but it also depends on what resolution your running and wether your running 1 or 3 monitors
  2. It's a decent card, though it will not play BF3 at full ultra decently. I'd suggest playing at Ultra without any AA with that card. It should give ~45 fps then.
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