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I'm working on my first build and I decided to go with a gaming/editing PC I've been apart of the PC gaming scene for a while but this time I want to have a computer specifically designed for gaming. This is what I have so far:
However I'm fully open to suggestions I want to keep the build under $1200 for everything excluding the monitor. I plan to be doing some overclocking on my cpu and bring it up to 4.0 GHz as well as overclocking my graphics card once I learn how to. This is going to be a really important thing for me so I want to get my monies worth. Being 15 it's not the easiest to get money. Thank you!
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  2. It's good stuff, hard to do better. Maybe buy the graphics card from a cheaper vendor? For video editting, do you want SSD?
  3. You don't need the thermal paste nor the sata cables, the motherboard got two at least.
    Also you don't need 16GB of ram.
    For gaming i'd get the 670 gtx, my suggestion :
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