How do i back up from Optimized BIOS defaults??


I have a problem with a compact computer. A built-in computer in a bio medical instrument. there was a problem at the computer, and when I tried to solve it by loading optimized defaults... The screen turned colors, and when i restarted the computer, the screen appears black and a white strips come from the lower edge of screen then spreads, like if the screen is going to be corrupted or some thing. And when the desktop appears it becomes normal then it appears like a water page and nothing is clear at the screen.
Hoping to HELP me ASP, because this instrument is a CBC one, and the main instrument at the lab.

ENG\ Mohammed H. Keshta
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  1. well once you have reset the bios settings the old settings are should get some type of tech support as we dont know how specialized the pc is and how its set up for some specific functions..dont try to fix stuff when its out of your scope of practice
  2. it is a built in computer, the connection, is like you had a PC computer and you connected it. but the internal design is like an ordinary PC. I tried to connect it to external screen and it worked just fine.
    the internal on didn't, and they were connected at the same time. I think resetting the mother board would solve it, but the internal clock battery is fixed.
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