Will a power outage damage my pc when sut down BUT still pluged in?

My apartment has a regular power off and back on for just about 10 seconds once a couple of weeks.

So, will a power outage/off damage my pc WHEN it is shut down BUT still plugged in?

And will a power surge protector do any good?

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  1. I don't see how a power out could ever damage the system. A surge is of course different.
  2. Thanks, guys.

    No I'm going to grab a surge protector to give me some confidence.
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    FIRST, I always use a surge protected power strip for omputers, DVD players ect, even for My wifes $3000 Embrodry sewing machine (yea I know that cost more than my computer - LOL).
    That said, they do next to nothing to protect against a power outage/back on. Surge protectors are designed for High ENERGE spikes normally caused by lighning.
    You really need an UPS.

    For modern computers, using the power off from the OS does NOT totally shut down the Computer as the PSU will still supply some voltage to the Compter such a the 5 Volts. Myself, When powering off I shut the computer down, then turn the power switch on the strip off (not a requirement if connected to an UP, but is for all the other odds and ends if not powered by an UPS.

    For UPS, make sure it has a "near" sinewave ouput, NO a modified sinewave as this modified sinewave can damge some PSUs and other electronic subsystems.
    Reason is the Input transformers are designed for a sinewave and do NOT take kindly to the near instant change from a given voltage level to zero volts
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  5. thanks, RetiredChief.

    Maybe I need a decent UPS for my new build.
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