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I have a inquiry, i have build a pc and now i have a problem of over heating the entire mother board and video card i have a 800W powercool PSU and i was wondering could it be the PSU what keeps everything very hot because it was pretty cheap only around £50! ($80) So someone who would have some inner knowledge about this could guide me in the right direction.

Systeam specifications.

CPU: AMD FX-8150 Black edition
M/B: Asrock 970 Pro3
RAM: 16Gb kingston 1333 Mhz
Graphics card: ITI Radion: 4870 x2 (2GB)
PSU: 800W Power Cool

P.S. When the system is tuned on it's overheating straight away. not even being used at 5% and it's like you can bake eggs on it.

Many regards.
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  1. well your system will turn off while under heavy usage if the psu is bad
    if your system is overheating buy thermal paste. take the cpu heatsink off...clean the cpu and heatsink from any thermal paste left...apply new one and install the heatsink..make sure its not flimsy and its making good contact with your processor
  2. I may have missed it, but what makes you think that your mobo is overheating?
  3. Tge comoputer is barley in use just watching a 720p movie abd shuts down with no warning anything.
    because the heatsing on MB i boiling after 5 min!
  4. That is supposed to be that way. Thats why its a heat sink. I recommend downloading speccy. You can see what the actually temps are from there. Let us know what you find.
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