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currently i have a g620 2gb of ram and h61 s2p motherboard i m planning to buy a vapor x hd 7770 and another 2gig of ram
how much fps will i get on bf3 ultra sleeping dogs maxed hitman absoultion most wanted 2 on 1440x900
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  1. There's no way to calculate that number. IMHO, you won't get enough to justify the expense nor will you enjoy your game any more.
  2. Probably around 20 FPS in BF3 @ that resolution.
    Your CPU is what you'll need to upgrade next.
    Although it's good for the the money, it's not a lot of money, therefore not that good.

    The video card and additionnal ram will ensure that games will be playable. Whether it's in low quality, medium or medium-high, newer titles will play well.
    My opinion is that graphics details only account for about 5% of the overall experience you get with a game. If it runs smoothly is much more important.
  3. not a matter of how many frames. more like how well does it play now? i would add another 2gigs of the same ram or buy a 2 - 2gig matched set (4gigs) and see how it goes before buying another card.
  4. The CPU is enough to handle bf3 for the most part. just the GPU is the limiter right now.

    buy a 7850 and then you can probably run bf3 nicely at ultra. oh and a 7770 is bare minimum for far cry 3
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