Atiumd64.dll, Windows Explorer, and CrossfireX

Hi all,

Long time gamer, but this is my first system w/ dual video cards.

i7-3770k w/ ASUS Sabertooth Z77 motherboard, 16GB RAM
Dual HD7950 cards from Sapphire

The system ran flawlessly with a single card, and does so with dual cards, as long as CrossFireX isn't enabled. Once I enable CrossFireX, Windows Explorer crashes constantly when I'm in a game (most noticible in COD4). AMD doesn't have a pre-defined profile for COD4 (at least they don't in the latest package), and I've tried many settings to no avail. Event viewer points to atiumd64.dll as the culprit, which is, of course, an ATI driver. Extensive Googling has proven ineffective. Maybe I need better search terms. Anyone have a similar experience or have any ideas for me to try?

While I'm asking, I have a couple of questions that may or may not be related.

When mostly idle, GPU-Z shows my 2nd card w/ a 32Bit Bus Width and a 20.0 GB/s Bandwidth. When in game, it shows the 2nd card to be the same as the 1st, which is 384Bit Bus Width and 240.0 GB/s Bandwidth. I'm assuming this has something to do w/ powersaving modes, tuning the card way down when it's not needed. Is this assumption correct?

Lastly, I am now noticing, in game (again, mostly COD4), a rippling effect on screen, or maybe you'd call it a ficker. I can't really see it in the midst of a battle, but in the menu, it's very noticable. Again, only when CrossFireX is eneabled. Again, anyone have a similar experience or have any ideas for me to try to eliminate this flicker/ripple?

Thanks so much,

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  1. Just a couple of notes:

    I have uninstalled drivers and reinstalled them. I'm running CCC 12.10. That's the only version I've ever had installed.

    It's every game I have, not just COD4. Can't get through the Hitman Absolution FPS benchmark test w/o Explorer crashing 3-5 times.
  2. Mods, feel free to close/delete. Secondary card is going back to Newegg. I began having instability issues even outside of gaming.
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