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I've been having problems playing games recently. The first game that I had a problem with was Borderlands 2 which caused my PC to restart or BSOD whenever I launched it. Reading forums, a BIOS update was suggested but my PC has the latest BIOS. The next suggestion was to run a programme called 'Orochi Ceg' prior to running the game. This solved the issue but I don't know what it does exactly (do anyone out there know?).

The next game I have had problems with is the F1 2012 demo which also causes my PC to reboot when launched. I have yet to try 'Orochi Ceg' with this game yet.

I have updated all drivers etc but this does not help the case.

I have friends running the same specs as me but have no problems??? (see specs at bottom of post)

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing me these problems?



AMD FX 4100
Radeon HD 6770

I can get other specs if they are required.
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  1. ok to diagnose what is giving you the blue screen of death and restart next time you power on your pc press f8 and select the last option to disable automatic restart upon system failure (bsod), the next time you get a bsod you will be able to write down the error number and google it to see what is causing it.

    i've had random bsod's in the past because i had faulty ram...i have 8 gigs so when i was on desktop everything would work fine but when i opened up a game and my ram usage went up the game(s) would use a faulty ram spot and that would give me the can test your ram by downloading memtest 86...burn a cd with the iso provided and boot from it, that will test your ram..if you get errors it means your ram is faulty and you should get a replacement after contacting the manufacturer
  2. Post full specs please.

    Did this problem start occurring recently, or from the start of owning this PC? Did you upgrade something in this PC ever?
  3. > Alvine

    I will try your suggestion when I have an opportunity later tonight. Thanks.

    > Sinius

    I had played games (Max Payne 3 to name one) prior to this problem. The problem only seems to occur in Borderlands 2 and the F1 2012 demo at the moment (although I haven't downloaded too many games yet so I don't know how big of a problem this is) and not after any significant update. I am able to play Far Cry 3 with no problem on the PC.


    AMD FX 4100 Quad Core Processor
    Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P Motherboard (Latest BIOS)
    8GB DDR3 Memory at 1333MHz
    AMD Radeon HD 6770 1GB Graphics Card (Up to date drivers)

    Do you need anything else?

  4. When attempting to press f8 after a restart my PC just acts like i'm not pressing it so this stops me being able to get the BSOD code.

    I ran Orochi Ceg and tried F1 2012 which worked.

    Looks like my PC has a problem with Steam games :(

    Any ideas?

  5. test your ram with memtest86 iso
  6. OK, I will give it a go
  7. Memory errors potentially? Definately test your ram cuz from the looks of it your PC can definately handle BL2 easily.
  8. Not looking like I will have time to test it tonight. But i'm free tomorrow so I shall report back then.

    Thanks for all of the help so far.
  9. OK.

    Sorry for being slow. I completed the test which came up with no errors. Seems like a Steam game compatibility problem to me since the 'Orochi Ceg' programme fixes the problems that I have

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